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  3. One of the most popular options schools elect to experience is a Formula Ethara Race Day at Yas Marina Circuit which also includes an exclusive behind the scenes venue tour of our amazing Formula 1 Race Circuit facilities. To inquire regarding pricing or book your schools visit please contact us by email - yasinschools@ymc.ae Download our information leaflet here - Formula Ethara Race Day @ YMC-18.pdf Check out the video below: British International School Abu Dhabi - Formula Ethara Race Day at YMC
  4. Children form teams of 3 or 4 students. The team work together to develop a team identity and team car graphic design. Each child on the team will build their own team car that they can then take home at the end of the project. Its also common for each team to also build one additional car which will be the teams race car for use during the school race day. Yas in Schools supply the Formula Ethara Car Kits. These are supplied in sets of 10 or sets of 25. Contact Yas in Schools by email to place an order or enquire about pricing - yasinschools@ymc.ae The car kit includes all parts to construct the car chassis / frame, along with wheel system and plastic showcase box. Each Car Kit includes the following items: 1 x Main Chassis Card Part 1 x Gas Canister Hosing Card Part 4 x Axle Guides 2 x Axles 4 x Wheels 1 x Plastic Showcase Box Go to the Car Making section for car kit assembly instructions and tips. Below are photos of the car kits parts as supplied and assembled.
  5. Check out our 2019 National Final Highlights Video Just For Fun - Our Inspiration Box Clip
  6. Fusion 360 Tutorials Here you will find links to specially authored F1 in Schools tutorials. The beginner tutorial assumes that you have had no previous experience with Fusion 360 software. Each tutorial package is a zip file that includes; tutorial PDF, tutorial video and set of tutorial pre-designed 3D part files that you need to upload to Fusion 360. To download the tutorial packages, use the following links: 1. Fusion 360 Beginner - CLICK HERE - Design your own F1 in Schools Car by modifying an existing design. 2. Fusion 360 Intermediate - CLICK HERE - Design your own F1 in Schools Car from 'ground zero' 3. Fusion 360 Advanced - CLICK HERE - Get more in-depth user tips and hints for designing car parts like wheels and wings Flow Design Tutorial Access the dedicated Flow Design Tutorial for F1 in Schools - CLICK HERE
  7. F1 in Schools Car Design Software We recommend the use of Autodesk Fusion 360 for design of F1 in Schools cars. The software is supported by specially authored F1 in Schools tutorials. You can get free licences of Fusion 360 for the classroom and / or student and teacher personal licences. To get free software you must first visit the Autodesk website and create an Autodesk account. Use the following links, create an account and follow the on screen instructions to download and install. 1. Student / Teacher Individual Software - CLICK HERE 2. Educational Institution / Multi-Licence - CLICK HERE Access the tutorials at this page - F1 in Schools Car Analysis Software An important aspect of F1 in Schools Car design is to analyse designs using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software, or as some would call it, a 'virtual wind tunnel'. Autodesk have the perfect solution for this called Autodesk Flow Design. Once you have an Autodesk account you can also download an install Flow Design for free. There are also special F1 in Schools tutorials for the use of Flow Design. To download Flow Design - CLICK HERE Access the tutorials at this page - Autodesk Inventor Some schools already have Autodesk Inventor in use for other 3D Design projects. This software is also supported if you prefer to use Autodesk Inventor, use these links to get the software and tutorials Download and Install Inventor - CLICK HERE Access F1 in Schools Tutorials for Inventor - CLICK HERE
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