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Found 7 results

  1. The Global Software Partner for F1 in Schools NOTE - IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW TO GET THE SOFTWARE, POST THEM IN HERE BY USING REPLY AT THE BOTTOM. QUESTIONS ABOUT INSTALLATION SHOULD BE POSTED IN THE AUTODESK INSTALLATION TOPIC How to get the right Autodesk CAD Software Tools for F1 in Schools... We are delighted to have Autodesk as the Premium Global Software Partner, providing free software and customised F1 in Schools tutorials for the next generation of designers and engineers. Schools, teachers and students can get free full version CAD software to complete all aspects of F1 in Schools car design, analysis and visualisation. To read more about Autodesk for F1 in Schools CLICK HERE WE RECOMMEND USING AUTODESK FUSION 360, ALONG WITH AUTODESK FLOW DESIGN (AERODYNAMICS ANALYSIS) ____________________________________________________________________________________ STEP 1 - CREATE YOUR OWN AUTODESK EDUCATION ACCOUNT All users will require an Autodesk Education Account to sign in and use Fusion 360. Its free and simple to do. Teachers and Students are required to create their own personal account by visiting this link - CLICK HERE FUSION 360 - 3D design & photo realistic rendering plus much more. PC 64 bit and Mac compatible. IMPORTANT - As this solution is cloud based, every Fusion 360 user needs their own personal free Autodesk account. Users will need to log in to Fusion 360 using this account every time they use Fusion in order to access their designs in the cloud. Don't worry, Fusion works in offline mode as well! FUSION FOR YOUR SCHOOL School Installations - Create a teacher /school contact or IT staff person account, as the school account for software download and administration CLICK HERE - to learn more, create an account and access Fusion 360 download. FUSION FOR STUDENTS & TEACHERS Student / Teacher personal software - Create your personal Autodesk account. Use this to download free software and login for Fusion 360 sessions CLICK HERE - to learn more, create an account and access Fusion 360 download. TUTORIALS F1 in Schools Fusion 360 Tutorials - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced including PDF and video versions. All with 3D parts datasets. CLICK HERE - to go to the download page _____________________________________________________________________________________ FLOW DESIGN - analyse your car's aerodynamic Get it FREE - For the classroom or your personal use, log into your Autodesk account and download CLICK HERE - to go to the Flow Design download page Tutorials - Customised Flow Design tutorial for F1 in Schools CLICK HERE and scroll down the page to find.
  2. Skills One visits Menai High to see the six step process involved in the F1 (Formula One) school program. See more SkillsOne TV videos at www.skillsone.com.au
  3. Shows an example of the types of simulation that can be achieved using Virtual Reality Wind Tunnel software supplied by F1 in Schools for aerodynamic analysis of car designs
  4. Autodesk have produced a range of tutorials for F1 in Schools for both the Fusion 360 and Inventor CAD platforms. Our recommendation for F1 in Schools is as follows: Car Design - Fusion 360 CFD / Virtual Wind Tunnel Testing - Autodesk Flow Design Car Assembly Photo Realistic Renders - Fusion 360 The Autodesk produced tutorials are fully supported with both videos and PDF booklet formats. For each tutorial there is also a parts data set that should be down loaded. There are 3 tutorials for Fusion 360: Beginner - learn the basics and quickly design your own car by modifying a finsihed standard model Intermediate - extend your skills and learn how to design a car from scratch Advanced - learn more detailed methods related to assemblies, wheels and engineering drawings All tutorials and resources can be found on the Autodesk Education Community Website. CLICK HERE - to go to the download page OR Here are direct download links for each tutorial package. Each zip file contains; video material, PDF and importantly the data set of files needed when working through the tutorial Fusion 360 F1 in Schools - Beginner > CLICK HERE Fusion 360 F1 in Schools - Intermediate > CLICK HERE Fusion 360 F1 in Schools - Advanced > CLICK HERE Autodesk Flo Design for F1 in Schools > CLICK HERE
  5. A great way to get started with students or to promote the project within your school is to use the PowerPoint presentation available for download from the link below. Introducing F1 in Schools (High Schools).ppsx The presentation includes several videos and these will be streamed directly into the presentation from YouTube, therefore it is necessary to be internet connected to view these. Each video takes a few seconds to load. You may also need to allow access to external sources (YouTube in this case), if prompted by your computer when opening the file. We have also produced 'Presenter Notes' that will help you deliver this presentation and add more detailed explanations for each of the slides. Use this next link to download the Presenters Notes for the presentation Presenting Notes - Introducing F1 in Schools (High Schools).pdf For those using older versions of PowerPoint, you may need to download the next file which is MS Office 97-2003 compatible. Introducing F1 in Schools (High Schools).pps If you have any comments or suggestions for this presentation, please add them by replying to this post. If you think the presentation is great, (and you have read down this far), click 'Like this' below!
  6. An overview of the how the F1 in Schools technologies are used by studnets through the different stages of the F1 in Schools program