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This section will guide and provide you with tips and useful links so that you can design your own Test Driver Challenge F1 in Schools Car.

The Fusion 360 course at Step 1 taught you all the skills you need to now be able to design your own F1 in Schools car. From the Research & Investigation at Step 2 you will have seen that your Test Driver Challenge Car will be much simpler than the one that featured in the Fusion 360 course.

If you haven't reviewed the important basic design rules for Test Driver Challenge cars at STEP 2 - Research & Investigate, do that now CLICK HERE

Remember - All Test Driver Challenge Cars must be designed around the Test Driver Car Template

Design Your Own Car - Suggested Workflow

1. Sketch Ideas - Download PDF templates for hand sketching your design ideas here > F1iS Test Driver Hand Sketching Templates.pdf

2. Get the Test Driver Car Template - the assembly is available from the following link. Upload to your Fusion workspace.

2a. Test Driver Template Assembly IGES Format - If you prefer to model you Test Driver Car using a different type of 3D CAD Software (eg. Solid Works, Inventor, OnShape) then you can download the Test Driver Car CAD template in the generic .IGES format. Go to our downloads page - CLICK HERE

3. Start Modelling Your Design - Check out how we Modeled our example car using Fusion 360 in the video below

4. Check your Design is Legal - don't forget to check that your design complies with the Test Driver Challenge car design rules. These are detailed in the Test Driver Challenge Technical Regulations. Find a link to the document at STEP 2

5. Check the Weight of Your Design - you can analyse the mass of your design using Fusion 360. See our last video on this page

Yas in Schools Example Test Driver Challenge Car Design

The following video shows the whole process for how we used the Test Driver Challenge Car template to model an example car design...

You can watch the video above direct on YouTube and make use of the Chapter links in the video details section - CLICK HERE

Adding Decals / Stickers to Your Design - If you are interested increasing the aesthetic appeal of your 3D design, you could choose to add decals. Check out the video below which shows how we added decals to the Yas in Schools example Test Driver Car design

Follow steps in the next video to check the weight of your Test Driver Challenge Car Design. Your car must comply with the minimum weight as listed in the Technical Regulations


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