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Yas in Schools Torque

Booklet - Getting Started Guide

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This booklet is a bit out of date now - the blocks aren't balsa wood anymore, for instance.  Also when I downloaded the software from the Autodesk site they are now offering Fusion 360 which apparently combines everything.

I am trying to involve a group of teachers and students who are new to all this and they are finding it confusing. As am I.

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Hi Lindsay,

Yes, that booklet has some revisions pending. We switched to Foam blocks about 12 months ago. The dimensions are the same.

Correct - we recommend Fusion 360 now. It does everything but the Flow analysis which is whey you need to also Download and install flow design. You can find this by looking in the same area as the information related to the Fusion software and tutorials.

A good starting point is the Fusion 360 F1 in Schools Beginner Tutorial, here is a direct link - https://www.autodesk.com/content/dam/autodesk/www/industries/education/docs/competitions-and-events/F1_Beginner_Inventor.zip

Have you looked at the F1 in Schools Learning Channel yet?

Here is a link to an overview video that you can download - https://www.dropbox.com/s/k0el8o5t4g3wp8g/f1inschoolsuk F1 in Schools STEM Challenge Introductio....mp4?dl=0

I will provide further assistance by email


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