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  • This section will guide through the stages of using Fusion 360 to Design your F1 in Schools Al Dhafra Challenge Car.

    If you haven't reviewed the important design rules for Test Driver Challenge cars at STEP 3 - Research & Investigate, do that now CLICK HERE

    Remember - All Cars must be designed around the Test Driver Car Template. This is very important. You can download the Car Template using the link below, then upload to your Fusion 360 workspace as shown in the video tutorial, before you start designing.

  • Fusion 360 Tutorials
  • The following videos show the whole process for how to use Fusion 360 to design the car. Follow the steps carefully and create your own!

    If you haven't already downloaded and installed the free trial version of the Fusion 360 software, do it now - CLICK HERE

    Remember - The F1 in Schools Al Dhafra Challenge is based on the F1 in Schools Test Driver challenge, so the video tutorials are the same for both challenges.

  • TUTORIAL 1 - Getting Fusion 360 and the Test Driver Car Template
  • TUTORIAL 3 - Model the Front Wing
  • Design Your Own Car - Suggested Workflow
  • 1. Sketch Ideas 

    Download and print PDF templates to first hand sketching your design ideas here > F1iS Test Driver Hand Sketching Templates.pdf

    2. Get the Test Driver Car Template 

    Download the template assembly and then upload to your Fusion workspace. To get the Test Driver Car Template - CLICK HERE

    3. Start Modelling Your Design 

    Follow the video tutorials below to learn how to use Fusion 360 to design your own car

    4. Check your Design is Legal  

    Don't forget to check that your design complies with the Test Driver Challenge car design rules. These are detailed in the Test Driver Challenge Technical Regulations.

     F1iS-UAE-AL DHAFRA_Regs-2022 (1).pdf


  • TUTORIAL 2 - Model the Car Body and Rear Wing
  • TUTORIAL 4 - Saving Parts for Manufacture and Extension Activities
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