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01 - How To Get The Recommended Software

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F1 in Schools Car Design Software - Fusion 360

We recommend the use of Autodesk Fusion 360 for design of F1 in Schools cars. The software is supported by special F1 in Schools tutorials. You can get free licenses of Fusion 360 for student and teacher use along with classroom license sets if required.

In August 2021, Autodesk made changes to help simplify the process of students obtaining their own personal Fusion 360 education license. Teachers sign up through the new system and then have the ability to issue licenses to their students.

Advice for Students - as a student, the simplest and quickest way to get an education license for Fusion 360 is to have a teacher from your school sign up and follow the instructions for educators to be able to get multiple licenses, which they can then easily assign to students. If you don't have a teacher that can do this for you, you can still apply for the education license individually, but it may take longer to complete - CLICK HERE

Advice for Educators Watch the following video to learn more about the new process and how to access licenses for your students. Then visit the Autodesk Education Community to check or validate your educator eligibility - CLICK HERE


F1 in Schools Fusion 360 Tutorials

Autodesk have developed tutorials to help you learn how to use Fusion 360 to design and F1 in Schools car. You can access the tutorials at this page link - 

F1 in Schools Car Aerodynamics Analysis Software

An important aspect of F1 in Schools Car design is to analyse designs using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software, or as some would call it, a 'virtual wind tunnel'. Autodesk have the perfect solution for this called Autodesk CFD Ultimate. Once you have an Autodesk education account you can also download an install CFD Ultimate for free. 

To download Autodesk CFD Ultimate - CLICK HERE

Autodesk Inventor

Some schools already have Autodesk Inventor in use for other 3D Design projects. This software is also supported if you prefer to use Autodesk Inventor, use these links to get the software and tutorials

Download and Install Inventor - CLICK HERE

Access F1 in Schools Tutorials for Inventor - CLICK HERE

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