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02 - Car Kit Build Support

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The Formula Ethara car kit  solution has been designed to test students ability to carefully follow instructions and develop fine motor skills. Students should be encouraged to value quality and accuracy when manufacturing a product. All that is required  to build Ethara Car Kits is a glue stick and stapler.

We recommend use of similar to these pictured below:

image.png        image.png 

The stapler pictured here is a Deli brand No.0306. It has a reach of 65 mm and a short nose end that makes it perfect for our application.


Once you have all the resources ready, simply follow our special Car Makers Guide to build your chassis and assemble all the car kit parts

Car Makers Guide Booklet - This guide includes step by step instructions for assembling the Car Kit along with the final stage of adding the beginner car body.



Download our PDF guide here - A5 Ethara Car Makers Guide.pdf







Follow our video tutorial below. Please note that this is a draft video edit and we will be uploading the final version in due course

If you have any suggestions or questions please add them below...

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