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Yas in Schools

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About the 4x4 in Schools Technology Challenge

Push classroom boundaries and venture into new STEM learning terrains. The challenge requires students to work in teams of 3 – 6 members to DESIGN, BUILD, CODE & DRIVE a remotely controlled four-wheel drive vehicle around our special 4x4 in Schools Challenge terrain course.

The challenge requires students in Grades 8 – 12 to work in teams to design, build and code a remotely controlled four-wheel drive (4x4) vehicle. It must successfully navigate and complete obstacles on a special scale test track which is just as demanding as a real off-road situation, emulating the capabilities of a full size 4x4 vehicle. The competition has a strong emphasis on electronics, coding and programming, with students challenged to innovate, using sensors and vehicle control systems on an Arduino platform along with mobile app development.

Sounds complicated? Its straight forward to get started without any electronics experience using our Yas in Schools 4x4 Baseline Car Solution. To learn more CLICK HERE

The best teams from each school compete annually at the UAE 4x4 in Schools National Final for a chance to represent the UAE at the World Finals


Download our overview PowerPoint deck here - YiS-4x4iS-Intro-V1.pptx





Meet the team as they talk us through their 4x4 Development Class Project based on the Yas in Schools 4x4 Baseline Car. (Video courtesy of Fun Robotics, Dubai.

3. 2017 4x4 in Schools World Finals Highlights


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