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In this unit you will create a team identity by deciding on a team name and designing a team logo. Motorsport is a team sport with many people involved, not just the race car driver. You need to decide on a name for your Formula Ethara team and also design a team logo.

What you need:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Software
  • The #EtharaAtHome Project Portfolio PowerPoint file. If you haven't downloaded it yet, CLICK HERE to find it
  • Blank paper and pencils for sketching ideas


  1. Review all the research and investigation material below to learn more about team names and logo creation
  2. Complete the activities described below by working in your #EtharaAtHome Project Portfolio to create your own Team Name, Team Logo and Team clothing designs


Part 1 - Create a Team Name

image.pngResearch & Investigate

A motor-sport team name is similar to a company or business brand name. There are millions of brand names in existence and it can be tough to choose a name that works well. A team name or brand should give people hints about you, and what you do. To help you get started with deciding on your own really cool team name, check out this TED Talk video about how to create a brand....

You could choose to do more research related to how to create a great brand, or now move onto Activity 1

image.png     Activity - Create Your Own Team Name

Now go to the ‘TEAM NAME’ section of your #EtharaAtHome Portfolio PowerPoint file and follow the activity instructions included to create you own team name and choose your team colours.

If you haven't yet downloaded the Portfolio PowerPoint file, get it now at this link - CLICK HERE

Once you are done, come back here to learn about Logos...


Part 2 - Design a Team Logo

image.pngResearch & Investigate

Wikipedia defines a logo as

"A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public identification and recognition. It may be of an abstract or figurative design or include the text of the name it represents as in a word-mark"

You need to design a logo for your team. It should of course, match your team name and make use of your team colours. Good logo design is related to 5 principles:

  1. Simple - It needs to be easy to recognise at a quick glance
  2. Memorable - People should remember it 
  3. Timeless - It shouldn't go 'out of fashion', so avoid trends
  4. Versatile - It should look good in a variety of sizes and also if shown as black and white
  5. Appropriate - It needs to suit your team name

To help you get started with your logo design, first check out the following videos by Pixel Inc's Graphic Design expert Col Gray...



image.pngResearch & Investigate - Past Formula Ethara Teams

Visit our Formula Ethara Gallery to review the names, brands and logos of teams that have entered our Formula Ethara National Final and other events over the years. Click this link to go to the FORMULA ETHARA GALLERY

image.pngResearch & Investigate - Team Identity in F1 in Schools

F1 in Schools is the Formula One STEM Challenge for high school aged students. Its the next step up from Formula Ethara and is similar with students working in teams that develop their own team identity. Check out the next video to see how team identity works in F1 in Schools...



image.png     Activity - Create Your Own Team Logo

Now go to the ‘TEAM LOGO IDEAS’ section of your #EtharaAtHome Portfolio PowerPoint file and follow the instructions included to create your own team logo.

If you haven't yet downloaded the Portfolio PowerPoint file you file find at this link - CLICK HERE


image.png     Extension Activity - Team Uniform Designs

With your team name decided, colours chosen and logo designed, you could also look at creating a team uniform design. Have a go at designing a team shirt and team cap using the templates in the #EtharaAtHome Portfolio PowerPoint file.


What Next?

With your team name decided, colours chosen and logo designed, you are ready to start placing these team branding elements on your cars exterior. Now move over to Unit 3 - Create & Assemble the Car Body.






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