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START HERE - #EtharaAtHome Introduction

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    Get the Online Curriculum Portfolio Template

    Record all your amazing work in the #EtharaAtHome Portfolio! Each of the work units has activities you can complete in the Portfolio using PowerPoint. Teachers can 'cherry pick' their preferred units to cover. There are two files to download:

    image.png    1. PORTFOLIO TEMPLATE - For recording your work. Download here - 2021-EtharaAtHome-PORTFOLIO-V3.pptx

    image.png    2. TIPS & HINTS - This will help guide you. Download here -  2021-EtharaAtHome-PORTFOLIO-TIPS AND HINTS-V3.pdf


    What is Formula Ethara?

    'Ethara' is an Arabic word that means 'excite'. Formula Ethara is a team work STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering , Art and Math) education program for children up to 13 years of age. 

    Formula Ethara gets the Classroom Racing!

    Children work together taking on different roles to develop a team identity and build their own scale model team race cars. The Formula Ethara cars from a standard kit of parts including wheels. Teams make their team identity decorated car exteriors. The decorated car exterior shapes are cut out automatically using a special machine.

    When the cars are ready, children can race them on the Formula Ethara Race Track at Yas Marina Circuit. The cars are powered by a small canister of compressed gas. When the gas is released, the cars are thrust down the 20 metre race track at high speed.

    The best teams from each school can enter the annual Formula Ethara National Final. Check out the highlights from the 2019 National Final in this video...

    What is #EtharaAtHome?

    The #EtharaAtHome program is designed so children can work from home to experience the same basic concepts and learning that are part of the Formula Ethara classroom program. #EtharaAtHome is a great first step to participating in the full Formula Ethara program.

    With #EtharaAtHome you will:

    • build a scale model prototype race car from paper card.
    • Develop a team identity.
    • Decorate the outside of the race car to represent your team.
    • Along the way you will learn about related technology, science, math and graphic design.
    • Make a record of your amazing work in the #EtharaAtHome Portfolio using our special template

    The #EtharaAtHome car is a prototype of a normal Formula Ethara Car. You can later easily convert your #EtharaAtHome prototype design to a race ready Formula Ethara Car.


    If you have downloaded the Portfolio files you are ready to begin. Go to UNIT 1 - BUILD THE CAR CHASSIS .



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