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The #EtharaAtHome car is built by hand using a very manual process. In this unit you will learn about some CAD & CAM technologies used in the Engineering & Design industries. You will then find out how similar CAD CAM technologies can be used to help design and build a Formula Ethara Car. 

Work through the Research and Investigation sections below and then complete the CAD CAM section in your #EtharaAtHome Portfolio

What you Need:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Software
  • The #EtharaAtHome Project Portfolio PowerPoint file. If you haven't downloaded it yet, CLICK HERE to find it
  • Device with internet and YouTube access


What is CAD and CAM?

image.pngResearch & Investigate

CAD is an acronym that stands for Computer Aided Design

CAM stands for Computer Aided Manufacture.

Engineers and Product Designers commonly use CAD and CAM technologies for the design and manufacture of pretty much everything!


Chances are, you're sitting on a chair right now. It might be made from different materials and include complicated shapes and styling elements. Your home is full of a multitude of things created using CAD & CAM. Well, someone had to design those things, including all the intricate details, manufacturing steps and even the packaging they were delivered in.

Designing and manufacturing all those common household items used to take a lot of time. But today, computers make the process quicker and more efficient by using CAD and CAM software tools. We can use CAD CAM tools to help with the Formula Ethara Car design and make, later in this unit, you will learn how.

Advantages of CAD CAM

Some of the advantages of designing and making using CAD CAM technologies include:

  1. Speed / Save Time - the design and making process is faster and becomes more efficient. Making changes is simpler.
  2. Accuracy - CAD CAM technologies are far more accurate than working by hand and can output much higher quality
  3. View and Check Designs - The technologies allow designers to preview design work very realistically. Designs can even be tested digitally and work can be shown to clients through 3D presentations.
  4. Safer - Less manual tasks and hazards for workers. 
  5. Sharing - Designs can be sent to others and multiple companies can collaborate and work together on a project.

Disadvantages of CAD CAM

There are also some possible disadvantages of working with CAD CAM:

  1. Cost - it can be expensive to get technologies set up. Once mass production is up and running, the costs are then much lower than manual production.
  2. IT Problems - computers could be affected by virus and other security risks that could impact production.
  3. Loss of Skills - Unemployment might increase and some valued traditional skills could be lost.


CAD and CAM in Formula Ethara

image.pngResearch & Investigate

Now that you know more about CAD and CAM technologies generally, lets look at the basic CAD CAM tools students can use when they design and build Formula Ethara Cars, in the classroom at school.

Formula Ethara CAD

Using Microsoft PowerPoint to create the car body graphics is a very simple example of Computer Aided Design (CAD). With the PowerPoint graphics tools you can simply and accurately create shapes, patterns and text with a more professional finish then working by hand.

CAD was also used to help prepare the car body template you decorated. A special CAD software called Silhouette Studio was used by technicians at ADNOC | Yas in Schools to design the car body template outline that students decorate using PowerPoint. The Silhouette Studio CAD software helped with creating the car body shapes so they fit accurately on the car chassis.

When students work on the Formula Ethara program at school, the same Silhouette Studio car body digital design is used to drive a Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) process. A special machine reads the digital design to then quickly and accurately cut out the car body parts. The machine even creates perforations (dotted cuts) for all of the fold lines.

Formula Ethara CAM

Building the #EtharaAtHome car is a very manual process using scissors to cut out parts and then a straight edge tool like a ruler to help with folding. Its tough to get everything accurate and precise using a completely manual process. 

In the classroom, students can use a simple Computer Aided Manufacture electronic cutting machine called the Silhouette Cameo. The machine is connected to a laptop that sends commands to cut out the car body shapes and mark perforated the folding lines. These commands are actually simple mathematical coordinates and distances. 

Video - Using the Silhouette Cameo Machine for Formula Ethara

The following video demonstrates how the Cameo CAM machine is used to cut out car bodies that were fits decorated using PowerPoint...


image.png     Activity - Using CAD & CAM for Formula Ethara

With knowledge you have gained, go to the #EtharaAtHome Portfolio and complete the CAD CAM section to present how you could use CAD CAM technologies to help improve the process of designing and building a Formula Ethara car.

If you haven't yet downloaded the Portfolio PowerPoint file, get it now at this link - CLICK HERE - NOTE WELL - This file is suitable for hand cutting only. If you wish to cut car bodies using the silhouette cameo, get the correct PowerPoint template from the page below (Teacher login required)



image.png     Optional - Extend Your Learning

In this extension section you can learn about

  1. The Die Cutting Mass Production Process
  2. CAD Software of the Future

1. Mass Production - The Formula Ethara Car Chassis Parts

To make the #EtharaAtHome Car Chassis, you first need to use scissors to manually cut out the chassis parts. Its fiddly and hard to be accurate. To make the project much simpler in the classroom, Yas in Schools mass-produces Car Chassis parts.The parts are printed and cut out accurately using a mass production process called Die Cutting.

The outlines and folding lines of the chassis parts were first designed using CAD software. A manufacturer then uses the CAD design to build a special manufacturing die. The die is made up of a series of blades that are the same shape as the chassis parts. These blades cut through paper card stock using a punching action. Other parts of the die create the crease or folding lines by squashing the paper card on the fold line, rather than cutting through.

The end result is thousands of identical, perfectly cut and ready to fold Formula Ethara Car Chassis Parts. Watch the videos below to learn more about Die Cut Manufacturing.

Photo: The Standard Formula Ethara Car Chassis Parts



Videos - Mass Production using Die Cutting Technology



2. CAD Software of the Future

Wondering what CAD software and design tools might look like in the future? How might Design Engineers be working by time you are ready to enter the workforce. Check out the really cool techs that Elon Musk and the team at Space X are developing to help make their rocket design work easier.

Video - The Future of Design





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