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The school extension units are for teams working at school and who are preparing for there school competition or the National Final. Children working on the #EtharaAtHome project aren't required to complete these units.

Get the Portfolio  Page Template

Record your work for this unit on the Sponsorship page template and add to the rest of your Formula Ethara portfolio work There are two files to download:

1. PORTFOLIO PAGE TEMPLATE - For recording your work. Download here - ETHARA-PORTFOLIO-SPONSORSHIP PAGE.pptx

 2. TIPS & HINTS - This will help guide you. Download here -  ETHARA-PORTFOLIO-SPONSORSHIP PAGE-Tips.pdf

Unit Content

Need help covering some of the costs preparing for the Formula Ethara Final? How about getting a team sponsor?

In this unit you will learn some of the basics related to Sponsorship. Teams preparing to compete at the National Final will often find one or more sponsors to help cover some of their costs. By working through this unit you will see how to create basic sponsorship packages and write a letter to a potential sponsor

What you need:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Software
  • The #EtharaAtHome Project Portfolio PowerPoint file. If you haven't downloaded it yet, CLICK HERE to find it
  • Internet access to view website links


  1. Types of Sponsorship
  2. Sponsor Packages - Rights & Benefits
  3. Writing to a Sponsor

image.pngResearch & Investigate

F1 in Schools is the official Formula One STEM challenge for High School students all over the world. F1 in Schools teams can have quite a lot of costs to cover as they progress through the global competition. The next video is about Sponsorship in F1 in Schools and a good introduction to our Unit...

Video - Sponsorship in F1 in Schools


Part 1 - Types of Sponsorship

There are many different ways a team or an event can be sponsored. These are usually one of three broad types of sponsorship

  1. Financial Sponsors - where the sponsor provides support by giving money
  2. In-Kind Sponsors - this is where the sponsor provides goods or services instead of money. Eg. A clothing brand provides team clothing items for free. In-kind sponsorship is probably the most common type for Formula Ethara Teams.
  3. Media Sponsors / Promotional Partners - when media or news outlets agree to provide free promotion or advertising for a team.

Importantly for all types of sponsorship, the sponsor will usually get something in return. This is known as the sponsors Return on Investment (ROI) and will often be listed out in an agreed table of Rights and Benefits

image.png     Activity - Sponsorship Brainstorm

  1. Make a list of things you could get help with from In-kind sponsors
  2. From the list, choose the idea you think will be most helpful to your team and research any local business / company that you could ask for help

Part 2 - Sponsorship Packages

When looking for sponsors its useful to have created a simple set of sponsorship packages. A set of sponsorship packages should have

  1. Level System - Top level (biggest supporter) to bottom level (minor supporter) sponsor levels created. Don't have too many!
  2. Cost to the Sponsor - this is what you are asking for. Each level should have a cost the sponsor will pay or an in-kind contribution they will provide you.
  3. Rights & Benefits - for each level, what will the sponsor get from you in return

Thinks about the differences in the packages. Obviously the most expensive package should give the best return on investment / rights and benefits to the sponsor.

Video - An example of Sponsorship Packages...


image.png     Activity - Create your Sponsorship Packages

Now go to the Sponsorship section of the #EtharaAtHome portfolio and develop your own simple sponsorship packages. Remember to think about what you will be asking for and what will the sponsor get in return. Is it a fair deal, for both parties. Think about ideas for in-kind sponsor packages. In-kind sponsorship is often easier to get.

If you haven't yet downloaded the Portfolio template yet, CLICK HERE to find it


image.png     Extension - How to Land a Huge Sponsor Deal

Sponsorship is a large industry in itself. There are thousands of agencies and individuals approaching big companies everyday with sponsorship proposals. The following video is one example of how to stand out form the crowd... 


Part 3 - Writing to a Sponsor

Writing to a company and asking them to consider sponsoring your team is an example of persuasive writing. When you are trying to persuade someone, you are trying to convince them to think or do something. You need to convince someone to support your team! 

In this section you will learn about different some of the basics of persuasive writing and how to structure your letter or email.

The O.R.E.O Technique - this is method for how to structure your persuasive letter. Think of an OREO biscuit with two then crisp outer layers around the tasty, squishy, creamy middle bit. Each layer of the OREO represents a section of your persuasive letter:

  1. O - OPINION
  2. R - REASONS &
  4. O - OPINION (restated)

Video - The O.R.E.O Technique Explained


Now that you have a better understanding of how to structure your persuasive letter, lets look at some tips for how to use persuasive devices like repetition and exaggeration. These will help you get attention and make an impact with your request...

Video - Persuasive Devices


image.png     Activity - Write a Sponsorship Request Letter

Now go to the Sponsorship section of the #EtharaAtHome portfolio and have a go at writing a short persuasive letter asking someone or a company to sponsor your Formula Ethara team. Maybe it could be one of the companies you identified in in Part 1 above. Your letter could make reference to the sponsorship packages that you created in Part 2 above.

Remember the O.R.E.O technique

  • OPINION - You think they should sponsor you and why.
  • REASON & EXAMPLE - Brief introduction on who you are and Formula Ethara. What is the specific sponsor request and why should they decide to sponsor you. Examples of why its a good idea and what sponsorship might look like.
  • OPINION RESTATED - Conclude by repeating the original request and why its a good idea

If you haven't yet downloaded the Portfolio template yet, CLICK HERE to find it


image.png     Extension - Help with Planning Your Persuasive Letter

Its worth taking time to plan how you will structure your letter and what you need to say. 

Video - Planning and Pre-Writing




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