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01 - 2D Car Body Sketch Template

Yas in Schools

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Download a template to help you sketch your initial F1 in Schools Car design ideas in 2D...

The body of an F1 in Schools car must be designed to fit within the official F1 in Schools foam model block. F1 in Schools model block shown below:


Other parts of the car assembly including wings, nose cone and wheels etc that are being made from other materials or methods, like 3D printing, don't have to fit within the dimensions of the foam model block. Only the main body or any wings you wish to have machined from the foam model block material need to be designed to fit within the dimensions of the block.

Note - whilst the model block is actually 223mm in length, the design rules for F1 in Schools cars stipulate a maximum car length of 210 mmm.

Download the 2D sketch template here and print A3 or A4 size:

image.png      Use this link - Model Block - Body 2D Sketch Template.pdf

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