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Do you think you could make your #EtharaAtHome car race across the room powered by nothing but air?

  • Follow our maker guides below
  • Shoot a video of your car racing
  • Ask an adult to upload a video of your car racing onto Instagram and tag @yasinschools

In this unit, learn how to get your #EtharaAtHome car racing by using balloon air power. As extension activity you can conduct your own scientific experiment to help further understand concepts learnt in #EtharaAtHome Unit 6 related to Isaac Newtons Laws of Motion.

Add the Power of Science!

What you need:

  • You must have built your #EtharaAtHome Car.
  • A balloon
  • Straws
  • Scissors and sticky tape
  • Device with camera - to shoot your own race video


Watch the video below to modify your #EtharaAtHome car so it can be powered by air escaping from a balloon

Video - How to Convert your #EtharaAtHome Car to Race @ Home


Last Step - Get Noticed - Share Your Work

Showcase your work. Get creative by making a short video of your Race @ Home. Get a grown up to share it on Instagram and tag us @yasinschools. 


Optional Science Experiment

image.png     Optional Extension Activity - Motion Science Experiment

Conduct your own motion experiment and make a record of what you did and discovered in the #EtharaAtHome Project Portfolio. If you haven't downloaded it yet, CLICK HERE to find it.

Now that you have your car racing, you can conduct a simple experiment to learn more about what's actually going on when your car moves because of the power or thrust of the air escaping form the balloon. You can design and conduct your own customized experiment or just complete our suggested experiment outlined below. Using your air powered car, you could conduct experiments to further investigate any of Newtons three Laws of Motion.

If you design your own experiment remember to think carefully about controls and variables.

  • Controls - these are are the things that will remain the same in the experiment. Eg. Weight of the car won't be changed
  • Variable - this is what you will change in different tests so you can examine the affect that changing the variable has Eg. you might change the smoothness / roughness of the surface / floor the car races on for each race test.

Experiment Idea - Newtons 3rd Law of Motion

Aim - To examine how changing the action of air escaping from the balloon affects the reaction of the car moving.

Method - Change the action of air escaping (the variable) by changing the number of straws that are attached to the balloon. In the video above, two pieces of straw are attached to the end of the balloon. In this experiment you will conduct tests with one, two and three pieces of straw attached to the end of the balloon. It's important that you try to ensure that the same amount of air is being blown into the balloon for each test. Here are our suggested method steps:

  1. Mark out a start line and finish line on the floor, about 4 meters apart if you can
  2. Get your stopwatch / timer ready
  3. Prepare the car with 2 x straw pieces attached to the balloon
  4. Inflate balloon (remember to try and keep this the same for each test)
  5. Time how long it takes the car to move from start line to finish line
  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 so that you have recorded at least three test times. Calculate the average time.
  7. Now prepare the car with 3 x straw pieces fitted to the balloon and repeat steps 4 - 6
  8. Finally, prepare the car with only 1 x straw section fitted and repeat steps 4 - 6

Record your Findings - Go to the Race @ Home section of the #EtharaAtHome portfolio and document your experiment.


image.png     Optional Extension Activity 

image.png      Science Journal by Google

Science Journal transforms your mobile device into a pocket-sized science tool. You could visit the Science Journal page to learn more about what the app can do. Download the app and use it to help you conduct an experiment on your #EtharaAtHome Car.

Download Arduino Science Journal (Android)

Download Arduino Science Journal (iOS)







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