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02 - Design to Manufacturing Explained..


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Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Manufacturing of F1 in Schools Cars - An Overview


Manufacturing Costs:
  • Standard machining = AED 185 (inc VAT) per car (this includes all resources and full standard car wheel and axle kit)
  • Additional machining operations = approx AED 50 each per operation. (Some Professional Category team designs will require additional machining to create detail on the top or bottom of the car that isn't accessible through standard side machining. Don't worry, the team at Yas in Schools will check for this and inform you if it is required)

Stage 1 - Prepare Final Design for Manufacture in CAD / Fusion 360 (Done by the students)

  • Check design for rules compliance
  • REMEMBER - Your part to be machined must fit within the dimensions of the standard Foam F1 Model block. The dimensions can be found in the Technical Regulations document.
  • Add a machining reference plate to the 3D design. See details by clicking > Here
  • Save your design as a .STL file in Autodesk Inventor and email to F1 in Schools

Stage 2 - Submit a Manufacturing Request to YMC

  • Find the online link (CLICK HERE). Fill the form and upload your car body (with reference plate attached) STL file

Stage 3 - Computer Aided Manufacture using QuickCAM Pro (Done by the manufacturing centre)

  • The 3D car model is converted to machining code. This is known as G-Code and includes all of the X,Y and Z co-ordinates that describe the profile of the car along with cutting speed, feeds and other instructions for the machine cutting operation to follow. Click the thumbnail below for an example of what this code looks like.


Stage 4 - CNC Machining (Done by the Yas in Schools manufacturing centre)

  • Cars are machined on a DENFORD 3D CNC Router see this link for more information about these machines - http://www.denfordat...ompact-1000.pdf
  • The Foam F1 Model blank is mounted in a special F1 in Schools Machining fixture
  • Standard Machining, with the car oriented on its side commences via material being removed leaving behind the profile of the car design
  • Here is a video of a typical F1 in schools car machining operation....

Stage 5 - We deliver the completed car body/s and wheel kits to your school!

We will be developing more detailed classroom friendly resources that help explain the Design through to Manufacture soon.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please reply to this post...

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