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03 - Prepare Your Car Body Design for Manufacture


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Finished your car design - What next?

Before making a request to have your design manufactured by Yas Marina Circuit there are some important things to do and consider:

  1. Check that the design complies with the Technical Regulations - most commonly students will design cars which are too long, too wide or too tall. It is important to check the maximum permitted car length in the regulations. Car bodies are not permitted to be as long as the actual Foam Model Block. This is because a portion of the Foam Block is held via a clamp during the actual CNC machining process.
  2. Ensure that no part of the body or other features such as wings which ARE to be made from foam block protrude beyond the model block dimensions width of 65mm and block height of 50mm
  3. Wings designed to be manufactured from the foam block which are less than 3mm in thickness could break off during manufacturing and will be more prone to breakage during racing.
  4. Only features to be made from the foam model block should be included in the .STL file that is submitted for CNC machining manufacture. Don't save the STL file including wheels or any wing parts that are being 3D printed. These parts need to be saved as separate STL files.
  5. The final step in Autodesk Inventor, in preparation for manufacture, is to add a manufacturing reference plate to the rear of the car. Instructions for this are presented below. The car body with reference plate added must be saved in .STL (stereo lithography) file extension format. This file format is required for compatibility for use with the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) software used by us to generate the machining code. 


  • Add the manufacturing reference plate | save as .STL | upload the .STL when submitting your manufacturing request to YMC F1 in Schools

If you are a Professional team, the final step before uploading your manufacturing request and completed design is to add a manufacturing reference plate as per the instructions document linked below. The reference plate is used during the CAM process to accurately locate your car model relative to the pre-machined C02 cartridge hole in the actual foam F1 Model block.


The following linked PDF explains how to export your design as an STL correctly. It is important to check this document as it explains how to export the file in the correct dimensional format.

Autodesk STL Saving.pdf

If you have any questions or suggestions, please post them here by replying to this topic...

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