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  1. PAINTING THE NEW F1 MODEL BLOCK Find tips and hints for painting the new F1 Model Block in this PDF produced by F1 in Schools - F1 Model Block Paint Guidance.pdf
  2. 2014 F1 in Schools National Final. City 7 TV news coverage of the Rookie Day competition
  3. A selection of photos from the action of our F1 in Schools National Final. Junior F1 Race Event, Bloodhound SSC, F1 in Schools Rookie Category and F1 in Schools Professional Category competitions
  4. Finished your car design - What next? Before making a request to have your design manufactured by Yas Marina Circuit there are some important things to do and consider: Check that the design complies with the Technical Regulations - most commonly students will design cars which are too long, too wide or too tall. It is important to check the maximum permitted car length in the regulations. Car bodies are not permitted to be as long as the actual Foam Model Block. This is because a portion of the Foam Block is held via a clamp during the actual CNC machining process. Ensure that no p
  5. Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Manufacturing of F1 in Schools Cars - An Overview Manufacturing Costs: Standard machining = AED 368 (inc VAT) per car (this includes all resources and full standard car wheel and axle kit) Additional machining operations = approx AED 50 each per operation. (Some Professional Category team designs will require additional machining to create detail on the top or bottom of the car that isn't accessible through standard side machining. Don't worry, the team at Yas in Schools will check for this and inform you if it is required) Stage 1 - Pr
  6. This one page guide is very useful for helping machine operators remember the basic steps involved in set up and procedure when using a DENFORD 3D Router for manufacturing CO2 cars (F1 or Bloodhound). Post a reply here if you have any suggestions. DENFORD ROUTER - CO2 Quick Start.pdf
  7. We have created a special spreadsheet to help schools run a successful internal competition day. The spreadsheet is designed for input of all event scoring data, including race times based around the judging and racing criteria specified in the Competition Regulations. When your event is complete and all scoring data has been entered, you can even instantly see which teams should win the outright and category awards! The spreadsheet includes separate tabs/sheets for each F1 in Schools Secondary competition division, the first tab 'INSTRUCTIONS' is where you should start! (Click the thumbnail
  8. Coverage on Sky Sports F1 HD of the F1 in Schools World Finals Abu Dhabi 2012.
  9. Thanks for letting us know the outcome - cheers
  10. A great way to get started with students or to promote the project within your school is to use the PowerPoint presentation available for download from the link below. DOWNLOAD HERE > F1inSchools-Overiew-V2.ppsx The presentation includes several videos, streamed directly from YouTube, therefore it is necessary to be internet connected to view these.
  11. We need to inspect the carbon brushes for the spindle motor. It is normal for these brushes to wear over time and need replacing. I'm not sure of how many hours of operation is expected before replacement is normally due. The PDF below provides a complete schematic for two Kress motor models. I'm not sure which one you have. Dissassembly from the top of the unit to reach the carbon brushes should be relatively straight forward, but we recommend that you only proceed if you or one of your schools technicians is confident in being able to perform this without damaging any components. (You will
  12. QUESTION FROM A SCHOOL... We've got a problem, the motor will not run for the spindle. It stopped during a job after cutting for 40mins through bolsa wood using a 6mm ball nose cutter. It ran fine then stopped, starting twice for a sec before stopping completely. All other motors and switches are still working. The relay kicks in and there is an 230V ac output from the board. But the spindle motor is unresponsive. Thoughts? YMC F1 IN SCHOOLS REPLY.... Here are some things to try, but I'm guessing you may have ticked them off already... Check on / off switch on Kress motor has not tripp
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