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  • Yas Marina Circuit are the creators of the Formula Ethara Program and we also supply everything you need in the classroom to run the program with your students. Student car kits, consumables such as glue and staplers and related technology such as the Silhouette Cameo machine, these can be purchased individually or as part of classroom resource and lab packs. 

    We also a rental service for the Silhoutte Cameo Cutter so if your school does not have one then we can supply you with one as well as give you the necessary training you will need to operate it. 

    Click the link below to find out more about our different resources: 

    Formula Ethara Resources Overview Updated.pdf



    To view prices and order Formula Ethara resources, please download the order form below and email it to us once completed: yasinschools@ymc.ae

    Formula Ethara Order Form 2021-22.pdf

  • 20220830_160256.jpg

    Yas in Schools supply the Formula Ethara Car Kits. These are supplied in sets of 10 or sets of 25. Contact Yas in Schools by email to place an order or enquire about pricing - yasinschools@ymc.ae. Minimum order is 10 car kits.

    We recommend 1 x Car Kit per Child (so they all get to take an outcome home) + 1 x Extra Car Kit per team (for the teams race car)

    The car kit includes all parts to construct the car chassis / frame, along with wheel system and plastic showcase box. Each Car Kit includes the following items:

    • 1 x Main Chassis Card Part
    • 1 x Power Unit Holder Card Part
    • 4 x Axle Guides
    • 2 x Axles
    • 4 x Wheels
    • Card for printing the car body
  • Yas in Schools has chosen the Silhouette Cameo as the preferred solution for cutting out Formula Ethara Car bodies. This electronic cutting tool is perfect for schools and is a great introduction to basic CAD / CAM / CNC for children. The machine has great potential for other D&T and Art projects in schools aside from Formula Ethara.

    Schools can purchase the Silhoutte Cameo from Yas in Schools directly or rent machines from Yas in Schools on a weekly basis


    The Silhouette CAMEO® is a Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) electronic cutting tool which has been specially chosen for the FORMULA ETHARA project. It uses a small blade to cut over 100 materials, including paper, cardstock, vinyl, and fabric up to 12 in. wide. The CAMEO has the ability to register and cut printed designs.  The machine features a dual-carriage so you can use two cutting tools at once.

    To Learn More General Information -  WATCH THIS VIDEO or visit http://www.silhouetteamerica.com/

    The Yas in Schools ETHARA Silhouette CAMEO® Pack Contains:

    1 x Cameo 3 Machine, 1 x Standard 12-inch Cutting Mat, 1 x Spare 12-inch Cutting Mat, 1 x  Auto Blade, (OPTIONAL SPARES - 1 x Premium Blade OR 1 x Ratchet Blade), 1 x Crosscutter, 1 x Power cable/USB cable, OPTIONAL Cameo 3 Dust Cover

  • Classroom Resource Pack

    The Classroom Resources Pack includes car kits and all other required consumables such as glue sticks, staplers and blank paper card for printing out car body designs. Included with the classroom resources pack is one of our special Ethara Inspiration boxes. The Inspiration box can be used by teachers to help introduce the project to children and build the excitement!

    The Classroom resources pack is ideal for getting a class started quickly and includes enough kits to build 45 cars, plus some spare parts. This pack includes…

    Class Pack.PNG


    Lab Pack 

    The Ethara Lab Pack has been created for use by multiple classes or larger groups of students.

    The Lab pack includes 2 x Silhouette Cameo machine packs plus enough consumables for up to 100 projects: car kits and all other required consumables such as glue sticks, staplers and blank paper card for printing out car body designs. Also included is one of our Ethara Inspiration boxes. The Formula Lab Pack includes…

    Lab Pack.PNG

    To place an order, contact us: yasinschool@ymc.ae

  • The competition regulations are used at the National Finals level of the competition and contain detailed guidance regarding all of the judge elements of the program as well as the scorecards. You may choose to use this if you are taking part at a school level competition or pick and choose elements of it that you would like to implement. 


    Ethara Front Cover.PNG

  • Our workbook can be used by your teams to extend their learning, guide them through a logical process and simulate the portfolio they would be required to submit if they were to participate in the National Finals.  We provide this workbook as an editable PowerPoint so you can add, remove or alter the content to best suit your students and the time you have available for running the program in your school. 

    You will also see a second file which contain instructions for each page of the workbook to enable your students to be as independent as possible. 

    Download the Ethara workbook hereEthara Workbook 2022.pptx

    Download the Ethara workbook instructions here: Ethara Workbook Instructions 2022.pptx

    Range of Ethara Pages.jpg

  • You will find these files in their relevant areas throughout the support site however, we have also included them here for your convenience:

    PowerPoint Car Body Template: Basic-Formula-Car-Body-template-22-V1.pptx

    PowerPoint Car Body Graphics Tips: Basic-Formula-Car-Body-Graphics-Tips.pptx

    Cameo Cutting File: Basic-Formula-Body-22-V1.studio3

    Cameo Users Guide: 1153505106_A4-Ethara-UsingtheCAMEOMachineREV04.2 (1).pdf


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