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  • In this unit you will create a team identity by deciding on a team name and designing a team logo. Motorsport is a team sport with many people involved, not just the race car driver. You need to decide on a name for your Formula Ethara team and also design a team logo.

    If you have not already downloaded the Ethara workbook, you can download it from here: Ethara Workbook 2022.pptx

  • A motor-sport team name is similar to a company or business brand name. There are millions of brand names in existence and it can be tough to choose a name that works well. A team name or brand should give people hints about you, and what you do.

    As a team, write down as many ideas as possible and then have a discussion about which one you think is the best. 


    • Try to think of words that link to speed, motorsport and engineering; this can often help you come up with a name 
    • Try to be unique! We often see the same names come up each year.
    • Avoid words with a negative connotation e.g. 'bullet' can link to negative things
    • The more ideas you come up with, the better! 

    You could use this page in the workbook which allows you to create a mindmap of ideas: 


  • Now that you have developed your team identity, it is time to apply it to a uniform for your team. 

    • Start by adding your logo to the T-Shirt and Cap worksheets in the workbook
    • Experiment with colours but try to keep them the same as your chosen team colours
    • Add some graphics to your uniform - this could be shapes or images that link with your brand identity

    Here are the pages from the workbook which will help you design your uniform.....



  • "A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public identification and recognition. It may be of an abstract or figurative design or include the text of the name it represents as in a word-mark"

    You need to design a logo for your team. It should of course, match your team name and make use of your team colours. Good logo design is related to 5 principles:

    Effective Logo Design

    Here are some suggested steps to follow in order to develop your logo:

    1. Choose your team colours: 2-3 work best but try to make them compliment each other. Here is a good website to help with this: Color Palettes for Designers and Artists - Color Hunt
    2. Look for inspiration: search online for logos that you like. 
    3. Sketch ideas for your logo: a quick and easy way of coming up with ideas is by just using pencil and paper. Try not to worry about the quality of drawing at this stage! 
    4. Try lots of different fonts: on PowerPoint, write your team name 10 times on a slide and then try lots of different logos until you find your favourite.
    5. Design your favourite logo ideas on the computer: there are lots of ways you could do this but an easy way to start is using PowerPoints drawing tools.

    Look out for these pages in the workbook which will help you develop your team logo.....



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