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#EtharaAtHome - Overview for Teachers & Parents

Yas in Schools

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ADNOC | Yas in Schools Presents #EtharaAtHome.

Based around the popular Formula Ethara STEAM education program for Primary aged students, #EtharaAtHome has been structured for delivery through distance education.

Blended Delivery Options

  1. Work from Home - Follow our online work units. Build a prototype Formula Ethara Car using our special downloadable templates
  2. Work from School - Teachers can cherry pick from our online work units. Schools can order our car kits so students can build race ready Formula Ethara Cars
  3. Work form Home & School - Choose any combination of the above.



#EtharaAtHome is a FREE project based learning program that provides individual students with the same core learning as the ADNOC | Yas in Schools Formula Ethara classroom team work program. Follow the online work units to:

  • Create a team brand & identity
  • Build a prototype Formula Ethara Race Car at home or school
  • Create a personal Portfolio of all the activities and learning of related science, math, technology and literacy.
  • Learn how to prepare a National Final winning team!

Extension Options:

  • FOR SCHOOLS - Easily upgrade to race ready cars and have a school race day - contact us yasinschools@ymc.ae to learn more about ordering the official car kits and school race day options
  • FOR INDIVIDUALS & SCHOOLS - Enter the #EtharaAtHome National Final Category

Program Work Units

  • Unit 1 – Build the Car Chassis
  • Unit 2 – Team Identity
  • Unit 3 – Create and Assemble the Car Body
  • Unit 4 – Get your Wheels On Challenge
  • Unit 5 – Ethara C.A.D. C.A.M.
  • Unit 6 – Ethara Science & Math
  • Unit 7 – Showcase Your Work
  • Unit 8 – Sponsorship
  • Unit 9 – Prepare for Competition 
  • Unit 10 – Race @ Home

#EtharaAtHome - Something for Everyone

  • Completely New to Formula Ethara - #EtharaAtHome is a great taster of the full Formula Ethara Program. It provides STEAM distant learning content and is easy to convert to the full program back at school
  • Already Involved with Formula Ethara - Provides program continuity options for teachers. Add value and content to your current program. Help students better prepare for school and National Final Competitions
  • Parents - looking for activities to keep children stimulated working from home

#EtharaAtHome - Project Portfolio

Download the #EtharaAtHome Portfolio - Complete the Online Units - Record Work in the Portfolio

Children follow the work units to learning through reading online information and watching videos. Each work unit has activities children complete in the #EtharaAtHome portfolio. Content is added using Microsoft PowerPoint. As children progress, the Portfolio builds to form a complete record of all of their all their work and understanding. 

#EtharaAtHome - Workflow Overview

  1. #EtharaAtHome Portfolio - download the portfolio template. Children use Microsoft PowerPoint to build a personal record of the development of their project as they work through the online activities. There is also a portfolio tips document to help guide Portfolio work.
  2. Build the Car Chassis - download the car chassis templates and follow our instructions and videos to build it
  3. Team Identity - learn about how to develop a team name and brand. Create own team identity and a team logo. Propose ideas for a team uniform.
  4. Create & Assemble the Car Body - download the car body template and decorate it to represent the developed team identity. Print out the decorated car body and assemble it to the car chassis built in stage 2. Follow instruction guide and video for tips.
  5. Get Your Wheels on Challenge - find items around home to add to the prototype car to represent wheels. 
  6. Showcase Your Design - take some cool pics of the finished prototype car and showcase in your portfolio.

#EtharaAtHome - Related Learning Units

  1. CAD / CAM - Learn about modern design and manufacture technologies. Investigate how some of these technologies can be used to help with designing and making a Formula Ethara car
  2. Science & Math - A Formula Ethara car can zoom down the 20 metre race track in less than 1.5 seconds! Learn about some of the science and math related to racing and race timing
  3. Competition Tips - learn how to prepare and be a winning team at the Formula Ethara National Final

#EtharaAtHome - Extension Options

  1. Upgrade Cars & Race! - Back at school, students form teams, review each others team identity work, decide on team identity and then build team race ready cars using the Yas in Schools car kits. Have a school race day at Yas Marina Circuit.
  2. #EtharaAtHome National Final Category - students can enter individually or join up with friends. Upgrade to a race ready Formula Ethara Car at the event and then go racing!


Formula Ethara is a team work, project based learning and STEAM education program for children up to 13 years of age. 'Ethara' is an Arabic word that means 'excite'. Formula Ethara is science, technology, engineering, arts and math related learning outcomes through an exciting 21st century skills framework.

Formula Ethara gets the Classroom Racing

  • TEAM - Form teams in class. Take on different roles. Develop a team identity
  • DESIGN - A team logo, team uniforms and team race car graphics
  • MAKE - Each team member builds their own team race car using simple CAD CAM
  • SHOWCASE - Team verbal presentation. Team poster / display.
  • RACE! - Each team member races the team car on the 20 metre race track

The excitement is maximized on race day when the children get to test their cars on the Formula Ethara Race Track at Yas Marina Circuit. The cars are powered by a small canister of compressed gas. When the gas is released, the cars are thrust down the 20 metre race track at high speed. To find out more about school race days, visit this link - School Race Day Overview

National Competition - The best teams from each school can enter the annual Formula Ethara National Final. Check out the highlights from the 2019 National Final in this video...


Formula Ethara vs #EtharaAtHome - Program Comparison 

The main difference is in the the car that is built. The #EtharaAtHome car is a prototype car. However, it's very easy to later convert the prototype car to a proper race ready Formula Ethara Car. Both programs can have a National Competition pathway.

The table below provides a more detailed comparison between the programs. (Click the table to enlarge)






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