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#EtharaAtHome Top 50 Race Off - November 28, 2020

Take the Top 50 Challenge  | Receive the Resources | Build Your Ethara Race Ready Car...


Watch your Formula Ethara car race the 20 meter track during our special live online event. If you've never seen a Formula Ethara Car race on our track, check out our Formula Ethara Racing Science Video

No one will attend the Race Off event in person. We have all the car racing techs sorted so that you can join the event and watch online from home.

Interested? Here’s how to get involved....


image.png.dac38cf51a39796245847b594e69c913.png   STEP 1 - Complete the #EtharaAtHome Top 50 Qualifier Portfolio

image.png    Download the Portfolio Template - CLICK HERE

image.png    Download the Portfolio Tips & Hints Guide - CLICK HERE

Follow the instructions in the Portfolio Tips & Hints Guide to create your own #EtharaAtHome digital portfolio using the PowerPoint template. The guide includes links to other online content you will need to review to help you complete your portfolio.

image.png.dac38cf51a39796245847b594e69c913.png   STEP 2 - Submit your Portfolio by  5pm on Saturday November 14

The race is on - To Qualify for the Top 50 Race-Off, be one of the first 50 people to submit your completed portfolio and register your participation. Once your portfolio is ready to upload use the following link to submit and register 

#EtharaAtHome Top 50 Race-Off Registration Link

We will then contact you be direct email to confirm that you have qualified

image.png.dac38cf51a39796245847b594e69c913.png   STEP 3 - Receive Resources and Build Your Car

We will send to the address you provided on the registration form, by Aramex, your special Top 50 Race-Off resources pack. All resource packs will be sent out from our base at Yas Marina Circuit on November 15. The pack includes all the parts you will need to build your own race ready Formula Ethara car. In addition to these resources, you will also need access to a printer, a glues stick, scissors and a stapler.

What's in the Pack - In addition to the items pictured below, the pack will include;

  • A4 paper card to print your car body design on
  • A special box to safely store your car in when its sent back to us


Get Building! - This should only take about an hour to complete, but take your time so its perfect...

1. Build the Formula Ethara Car Chassis - Download the Car Makers Guide - CLICK HERE - and follow the instructions to build the chassis using the parts in your resources pack, plus, glue stick and a stapler.

2. Print & Cut your Car Body Design - Go to Slide 7 of your digital portfolio, where you created your car body design. Print this onto the A4 paper card provided in your resources pack. Make sure it prints A4 size and 100% scale, otherwise your parts wont fit onto the chassis properly. The video at the bottom of this page will help with tips for cutting and folding your design

3. Assemble Body to the Chassis - Follow the instructions in the Car Makers Guide for how to assemble your car body to the chassis

Pack your car in the special box that came with your resources pack. Write your name on the outside and keep it ready for collection day.

image.png.dac38cf51a39796245847b594e69c913.png   STEP 4 - Car Collection - Saturday November 21

More detail to confirm will be emailed to all registered participants in due course. Our agents Fetchr, will be in touch to come and collect your car from you. Simple!

image.png.dac38cf51a39796245847b594e69c913.png   STEP 5 - Join the Live Event & Watch Your Car Race - Saturday November 28

The event will be broadcast on our YouTube live platform. We will be sending participants full details for how to join the webcast along with schedule of the race timings. There will be special prizes for the Top 50 Race Winners. Winners will be announced during our Awards Show on Sunday November 29.

Following the event, we will send your car back to you

image.pngVIDEO - How to Cut-Out  & Fold Your Car body

Refer to the Car Makers Guide for instructions on how to assemble the car body to the chassis


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